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SNOW⁺ Self-Cleaning Litter Box

SNOW⁺ Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Odor Free • Self-Sealing • No Litter Tracking • Safety Sensors • App Monitor • Magnetic Assembl



Update Augest 24th, 2023 ( All items are currently in stock and available for purchase.)

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Cutting-Edge Triple Deodorization System

Odor free • Perfectly safe • Eco friendly

Remove the root of unpleasant smell, add a fresh and luscious aroma to your SNOW⁺ litter box.


Effortless, Convenient, and Sanitary

self-sealing • 2 weeks free of scooping • Patented design

Always find an odorless and dry waste bag ready to be disposed of. The cleanest cat waste disposal experience ever.


The Cleanest Litter Box Yet

curved walkway • SNOW⁺ litter mat • side entrance

Designed with intention, the curved walkway with mat was crafted to both leave the litter in and the doorway clean.


And Safest, Ever

smart sensors • anti-clamp • app notification

Safety is of utmost important, the integrated SnowSafe⁺ System continuously analyzes 4 zones to ensure kitty’s safety.


Mobile Control

Real-Time Tracking • Cat Recognition • Health Insights • Multi-cat friendly

Check kitty’s usage, waste drawer status, and more with just a tap in the PetSnowy app.


Super Easy to Assemble, Extremely Easy to Clean

Everything Magnetic • high-grade materials • fine craftsmanship

Each part seamlessly attaches to and detaches from the next one. Effortlessly assemble and disassemble to clean when necessary.